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About us

What do we do?

  • Offers water filtration equipment, replacement accessories and complete filtration systems.
  • Consultants by expert with many years of experience in the water industry field.
  • Provide design solutions according to different client’s demand..
  • Products come from top brands with the best quality.

About us

Song Phung Environmental Trading Service Co., Ltd would like to thank our customers for their interest in the products of our company.

As one of the leading companies specializing in the supply and installation of equipment for the water and environmental industries, our company always aims at the benefits of customers with the best services and products.

Established in 2012, Song Phung specializes in importing and distributing genuine products related to water treatment systems, environment treatment, gas treatment.

In addition, Song Phung provides comprehensive solutions for the whole system from design to supply, installation, operation and technology transfer. Up to now, Song Phung has become a prestigious brand with more than 5000+ customers trusting to cooperate and 4000+ projects deployed in most business fields.






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1. Environment Services

2. Supply water treatment equipment

3. Installation water treatment system

4. Renovating, maintaining and operating water treatment systems



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Bring safe clean water everywhere. Song Phung was born to help businesses create a competitive advantage by building a website that can show honest selling prices to help customers easily choose products at the most competitive prices, bringing great benefits to customers. customers create clean water sources.


Become a sustainable business with a professional – dynamic – humane working environment. Leading in the fields of supplying equipment for the water industry and the environment industry.

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