Delivery & Shipping Policy

In order to improve service quality, unify the working process, openly and clearly create convenience for customers in the process of buying products at the company. We would like to offer the delivery and shipping policy as follows.

Delivery and shipping process
Song Phung Water Industry Equipment receive orders and deliver to all places in all provinces and cities nationwide. All goods transported to the customer’s place will be carefully and properly packed and include relevant documents such as purchase order, delivery note, VAT invoice, CO, CQ…
We will make flexible delivery according to each specific request and order between the 2 parties. When receiving an order from the buyer and after confirming the purchase information by phone or email, Song Phung Water Equipment will conduct delivery according to the order agreed with the customer.
Delivery time
For customers in HCMC area:
Song Phung Water Equipment applies delivery charges for each specific district/district. Details of specific delivery charges in each cart.
Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
Goods will be guaranteed same day delivery if customers order in the morning.
If you order in the afternoon or evening, the goods will be delivered the next day.
Or customers can request delivery within a certain time.
For customers in other provinces:
  • Depending on each order and specific location, Song Phung Water Equipment will charge according to the agreement with the lowest fee, or based on the delivery unit price of the shipping company.
  • Delivery time: From 2 to 5 days depending on the customer’s location (Note: For orders that need to be placed in advance, the delivery time may take longer.)
  • Delivery time: from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day of the week except Sundays and public holidays.
  • Transportation term: Motorcycles, tricycles, trucks of all kinds, passenger cars, …
Normally, after receiving order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to customer information about payment and delivery. Delivery time is usually within 3-5 days from the date of closing the order or as agreed with the customer when placing the order.
Responsibility during transportation
Responsibility for processing orders and shipping products to customers depends on the form of warehouse purchase or door-to-door delivery for the products that the customer declares when creating the order.
Song Phung Water Equipment will be responsible for ensuring that customers receive the goods as ordered within the delivery time as committed. In case the goods are defective or damaged during transportation by Song Phung Water Equipment, we will be responsible for exchanging new goods for customers.
In case of picking up goods at the warehouse of Song Phung Water Equipment:
We are responsible for the goods from the warehouse to the customer’s pickup truck. Any damage, broken, broken, chipped is the responsibility of our side.
After the goods are handed over to the customer and the vehicle leaves. Customers need to be responsible for checking product quantity, quality, product condition. After the customer receives and signs to receive the materials. We will not be responsible for subsequent problems, unless the product is defective by the manufacturer.
In case of delivery to the address requested by the customer:
We are responsible for transporting the product intact to the right place requested by the buyer (usually a garage or construction site). After the representative receiving the goods (authorized by the customer) signs to receive the goods, fully inspects, the responsibility for the goods now belongs to the representative of the receiving goods.
  • The company only delivers the goods to the right representative to receive the goods that the customer has registered when purchasing. During the delivery process, if there is an unclear change of recipient, we have the right to refuse delivery and request that the customer receive the goods at the company’s sales location.
  • If the delivery address is not clear, is located in a corner, or in dangerous places, mountainous areas, difficult transportation, we have the right to refuse to ship, deliver and receive goods directly. next.
  • In cases of force majeure, due to natural disasters, floods, damage to ferry bridges, etc., we are not responsible for compensation for damage arising from delivery of goods on time or failure to deliver goods to the destination such as: agreed with the customer.
  • In case we have shipped the goods to the delivery location as agreed upon at the time of purchase, but for some reason the customer requests to return the goods, then the customer must bear the shipping costs in accordance with the company’s regulations. company.
  • During special days or Festival days due to limited general traffic policy (no roads for some vehicles…) delivery time may change, We will call customers to confirm most delivery time.
  • Delivery time may be slower than expected for a number of reasons such as: Customer address is incorrect, Customer is not at home, Delivery staff cannot contact customer, natural disaster, fire, etc. If for the reason of Song Phung Water Equipment, we will contact you to re-arrange a reasonable delivery time.
  • In case the customer has not received the goods after the expected time, please give us feedback so that we can take the fastest remedial measures. During the waiting period, if you want to change your order (Change products, Don’t want to receive goods anymore, …) but the service side has not yet delivered customers, please inform us. deal with the delivery service.
    Song Phung Water  Equipment will provide free installation service for customers with simple products (installation and operation without drilling, welding, crane,…), and charge for other products. depending on the characteristics and properties.
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