Each specific product will have its own warranty period. Refer to each product details for specifics. Most products come with a 12 month warranty.
Cases covered by warranty
  1. The product is still within the warranty period
  2. The product is damaged due to a manufacturer’s technical error
  3. Customers must present warranty card when requesting free warranty
  4. The device serial number and device model on the product must match the serial number and model number on the warranty card. The serial number on the product must be intact, not scratched, patched or glued with any other object.
  5. Warranty card must be intact, must clearly show the customer’s name and date of purchase, not accepted, not erased
Cases not covered by warranty
  1. Product has expired warranty
  2. The device serial number and device model on the product do not match the serial number and model number on the warranty card
  3. Product damaged by natural disaster, flood, fire, explosion, rust, fire or transportation cracked, dented, broken, scratched
  4. The product is damaged due to improper use according to the instructions, due to improper installation, due to incorrect power supply, unstable voltage or inappropriate use environment (rain, wet, outdoor …)
  5. Products are rusted, stained due to corrosion or spilled liquid
  6. Equipment deforms scratches, breaks, chips, warping due to mechanical force
  7. Equipment is arbitrarily disassembled by the user without the consent of the product supplier
  8. In case of damage due to wear and tear and reduced life over time of use
  9. In case of cleaning or maintenance requirements, the product will not be covered by the warranty
  10. When customers do not install negative pressure valves for composite filter tanks.
Product warranty information
  1. Warranty settlement time: 3-7 days depending on the condition of the damaged product
  2. Warranty location: Customers send warranty products to the office address: C7D/30/C14 Pham Hung, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh
Dealer’s customer
  1. Customers when buying from an official agent of Song Phung company anywhere can go directly to that agent or send it to the nearest warranty center for warranty according to regulations.
  2. Agents receive customers’ devices and send them directly to service centers. Service centers carry out product warranties and return the device to the dealer. The dealer then returns the device to the customer.
Particularly for composite filter tanks, if there is a leak, take a picture of the series number of the tank and the whole installation system and send it to the supplier to see if there is an installation error or a manufacturer error. If the fault is not due to installation, a new tub will be provided. And the address to change the product is at the buyer’s office in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City