Buying online saves a great amount of time. With just 5 simple steps below, you can easily buy genuine water industry equipment products at the most optimal cost.

Setp 1: Visit website

mua hàng online

Step 2: Select products item

mua hang online 02

Once entered the product page, the left column is all the product categories Song Phung is trading. You can click on each category to select the product you want to buy. Or you can choose to buy the products listed on the page.

mua hang online 03 1

Step 3: Click on the product you want to buy

mua hang online 04

Step 4: Add to cart

  • Quantity: Enter the quantity to purchase
  • Add to cart: CLICK here to add to cart, after this step you can choose more products to buy
  • Buy now: CLICK here if you only want to buy one product

mua hang online 05

Step 5: Pay for products

mua hang online 06

  • After clicking on the cart, the payment page interface will pop out. You need to care about the quantity, the unit price of each product and the total cost. If you have a discount voucher code, enter it at this step. Then click pay. Note: If your location is outside Ho Chi Minh area, please contact sales for shipping cost.

mua hang online 07

  • You will then see a table of information such as name, phone number, and address on the left. On the right is the payment information. Fill in all the information fields, then choose the appropriate payment method and click place order to complete. Shipping fee will be calculated depending on the area (far or near).

mua hang online 08

Payment by momo

  • After choosing to pay with momo, a QR code will appear, use the momo app to scan and pay.

mua hang online 09

Payment by bank transfer

  • After placing the order successfully, you will see the order code message. Continue bank transfer / momo using Song Phung’s account number provided in the notice. Finally, call the hotline 0913.90.72.74 – 0984.62.04.94 to notify about the successful transfer.

mua hang online 10

Payment: Cash on delivery

  • In case you choose to pay cash, after completing you will see the order code, the cost to pay. When Song Phung delivers the goods to you, you will pay immediately.

mua hang online 11

Hopefully with just 5 simple steps to buy online, you will easily buy quality products at affordable prices.

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For any information when buying online, please inbox directly on Website or contact Hotline 0913.90.72.74 – 0984.62.04.94 for specific instructions.

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Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang

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