Experiences choosing a home water purifiers

Household water purifiers are a product that many people are interested in today. So what are the criteria to evaluate a quality water purifier? To help you choose the right product, Song Phung Environmental Company will synthesize the criteria and experience of buying a home water purifier. Please follow the article below!

Experiences in choosing a home water purifier – Choose a water purifier by filtration technology

Water plays a very important role in human life. Faced with the fact that water sources in many places are polluted, most families have chosen a water purifier as an effective solution.

Kinh nghiệm chọn máy lọc nước gia đình
Experiences choosing a home water purifier

Water purification technology is divided into 3 types including:

    • RO technology (reverse osmosis technology).
    • Nano technology (technology using Nano membrane/Nano activated carbon).
    • UF technology (using clean filtered water with minerals).

To choose the right home water purifier depending on your family’s input water source and a few other factors, let’s find out through the following table with Song Phung Environmental Company!

RO water purifier Nano water purifier  UF water purifier
Water source The device filters all water sources. With water contaminated with alum, acid, you should filter it coarsely before putting it into the filter. The device is mainly used to filter tap water. Unable to filter river water, alum water, brackish water, well water, etc. For salty water, the machine will not remove the salty taste in the water. The device can filter tap water, not alum water, brackish water, river water, well water, etc.
Water quality It can be drunk immediately after filtering because at this time the water has been removed from all impurities, bacteria and minerals after going through core 4 and adding beneficial minerals from cores 5 – 10. Can be drunk immediately after filtration, natural minerals are retained (but beneficial and harmful minerals exist). Can drink directly after filtering because the water has high purity, has been removed from bacteria, viruses, impurities, …
Reovery Purified water accounts for about 30%, can be drunk immediately and 70% of clean water can be used for washing vegetables, washing dishes or bathing, washing. 100% recovery 95% water recovery after filtration.

20 liters of tap water input will produce 19 liters of alkaline ionized water and 1 liter of acid ionized water.

Electricity requirement ? Uses electricity. If the power fails, the machine’s large capacity tank (about 10 liters) is still enough for your family (4 people/day). Doesn’t require electricity Electricity is required.


In addition to the above 3 filtration technologies, there are also other filtration technologies such as: MF technology (clean mineral water), electrolysis (alkaline ionized water), RO combined with electrolysis (alkaline ionized water). Therefore, depending on your needs, you can choose the best home drinking water purifier.

Tìm hiểu cấu tạo của máy lọc nước để chọn được sản phẩm phù hợp
Learn the structure of the water purifier to choose the right prod
Lõi lọc RO đảm bảo chất lượng, được phân phối tại Công ty Môi trường Song Phụng
Quality assurance RO membrane, distributed at Song Phung Environmental Company

Other criteria when buying a home water purifier

Understand your family’s needs

Currently, many people choose a home water purifier as an optimal solution to ensure safety for health. However, to buy the right product for your needs and pocket, you need to understand the following factors:

Determine the scale of use

Based on the number of family members, you can choose a product with a tank capacity and filter capacity that suits your needs.

  • Small family (from 4-6 people): You should choose a purifier with a capacity of less than 8 liters, a filtering capacity of about 10 liters / hour to help save electricity and living costs.
  • Large family (from 6 members or more): You should choose a device with a capacity of over 8 liters, a filtration capacity of 10-20 liters / hour to be able to meet the needs of use.

Besides, with a large family, you should give priority to choosing hot and cold home water purifier products, using Block technology to heat and cold according to demand, helping to save maximum electricity costs.

Consider space use

When buying a home water purifier, you need to make sure it matches the interior space of your family.

  • The house has a large space: You can easily choose models of hot and cold home water purifiers with modern designs such as: standing cabinets, desks, undercarriages, etc.
  • House with narrow space: You should give preference to desktop water purifiers to help save maximum space and harmonize with the space of the house.

In fact, the desktop hot and cold home water purifier has a compact design but the capacity is usually low, only suitable for a small family, so consider carefully before choosing to buy.

Tips: If the family is large, the demand for use is high but the living space is small, you should choose the product of a vertical hot-cold water purifier with compact size. Song Phung Environmental Company has a lot of home water purifier products with compact designs, suitable for families who want to optimize living space. Contact us for more advice!

Health and convenience needs

You need to pay attention to two factors: health and convenience when choosing a home water purifier. As follows:

  • Families with elderly, young children, sick people: You should choose a water purifier that integrates 3 hot – cold – cold modes, with additional filters to create minerals, hydrogen, … to provide essential nutrients for the body. .
  • Families with low demand for use: You should use a 2-mode hot-cold water purifier, ordinary water purifiers do not integrate hot-cold to save electricity and avoid wasting features because they do not need to be used. 

Pay attention to the specifications

If you go to a small store, the sales staff may not be well-trained and may find it difficult to give you accurate, helpful advice on the right product. Therefore, you should carefully check the parameters of the home water purifier before buying.

Women usually go over their way to try to learn the specifications but it is really necessary. You will determine the capacity, hot and cold capacity and easily calculate the power consumption. Thanks to that, you can buy a home water purifier that suits your family’s needs while still saving electricity.

Choose a machine according to financial needs

The price of home water purifiers on the market is very diverse. Depending on the model, manufacturer or sales policy from time to time, the price of water purifiers may fluctuate differently.

Tip: With an average price of 6 – 12 million VND, you can already own a product with full filtering and heating – cold functions that are extremely convenient. Therefore, consider your family’s finances to choose the right product.

Prioritize the company with reputable service

If you do not want to go from Ho Chi Minh City but have to send the device to Binh Duong, Dong Nai for maintenance for 1 week or sometimes a whole month, please prioritize choosing a point of purchase near your home to be repaired, maintained and received the machine as quickly as possible. .

The 4 benefits you will receive when choosing to buy a home water filter at a reputable store near your house are:

  • You can try the model before you buy it and return it when there is a problem.
  • Experienced technicians will install the purifier at home to ensure the technical standards of the device.
  • Technicians come to the house quickly to handle the problem when the device has a leak, membrane blockage, water is not hot – cold …
  • Support to replace quality water filter cartridges at home when needed.

Be careful with fake goods, imitation goods, poor quality

With the ability to bring a lot of value in terms of health and convenience in life, home water purifiers are easy to be counterfeited, cloned or replaced by poor quality components. Song Phung Environmental Company shares with you some simple ways to distinguish fake goods, poor quality imitations that you can refer to below.


Authentic product Counterfeiting
  • The brand logo on the product is very sharp and clear.
  •   There are stamps of water quality standards that can be drunk directly from the Ministry of Health.
  •   Certificate of CO, CQ to prove the origin clearly.
  •   Quality measurement stamps issued by the Quality Metrology Department.
  • There is a serial number to activate electronic warranty functions and benefits
  •   No or brand logo is not clear, scratched.
  •   No quality measurement stamps, anti-counterfeiting stamps, related certificates.
  •  The details on the case are not delicate.
  •  The serial number on the warranty card does not match the serial number on the machine or the code is not on the warranty system.

Prefer reputable address, good warranty policy

There are many brands of home water purifiers on the market from different countries. Therefore, you should choose for yourself a reputable brand, origin and clear origin to rest assured to use a durable, safe water purifier for the whole family. The installation, warranty, and replacement of product components in accordance with the company’s technical standards will be guaranteed to be carried out in the most accurate way.

Genuine home water purifier products distributed by Song Phung Environmental Company have a warranty period of up to 36 months. Time to support inspection, repair or replacement of spare parts and components quickly within 24 hours for the inner city, 48 hours for the suburbs from the time of receiving information.

The best home water purifier lines today

KYK Hisha alkaline ionized water generator

  • Dimensions: 220 (Width) x 322 (Height) x 100 (S) (mm).
  • KYK alkaline water (4 levels)/pure water/acid water (2 levels).
  • Weight: 2.4kg.
  • Number of filter cores: 1 core.
  • LED screen.
  • Number of Electrode Plates: 5 Titanium Plated Platinum Electrode Plates (Titanium Platinum).
  • Flow of water from the tap of the machine.
  • Origin: KYK – Korea.

>>> Product Link: https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/may-tao-nuoc-ion-kem-kyk-higsha

KYK HIGEN 1+ hydrogen water generator KYK HIGEN 1+

  • Dimensions: 220 (Width) x 322 (Height) x 100 (S) (mm).
  • Weight: 2.4kg.
  • Hydrogen content: 1570 ppb max, 1270 ppb average.
  • Number of electrode plates: 5 Plates.
  • Capacity: 2 liters/min.
  • Power consumption: 70W.
  • Electrode material: Titanium (platinum coated).
  • Antioxidant index: 620mV (Max)/- 410mV (average).
  • Hydrogen generation technology: PEM (Proton).
  • LED screen.
  • Origin: KYK – Korea.

>>> Product Link: https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/may-tao-nuoc-hydrogen-kyk-higen-1

KYK HIGEN 2+ hydrogen water generator 

  • Dimensions: 340 (Width) x 340 (Height) x 150 (S) (mm).
  • Weight: 6kg.
  • Hydrogen content: Maximum 1570 ppb, average 1270 ppb.
  • Number of electrode plates: 7 plates.
  • Capacity: 2 liters/min.
  • Number of filter cores: 2 Cores.
  • Electrode material: Platinum Plated Titanium (Platinum Titanium).
  • Antioxidant index: 620mV (Max)/- 410mV (average).
  • Technology: Electrolysis.
  • Display: LED displays 7 different colors indicating the amount of water remaining in the filter and the water flow.
  • Origin: KYK – Korea.

>>> Product Link:  https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/may-tao-nuoc-hydrogen-kyk-higen-2

KYK HIGEN 3+ hydrogen water generator KYK HIGEN 3+

  • Dimensions 314 (Width) x 425 ( Height) x 124 (S) (mm).
  • Weight: 5.1kg.
  • Hydrogen content: Maximum 1570 ppb, average 1270 ppb.
  • Number of electrode plates: 9 plates.
  • Capacity: 2 liters/min.
  • Number of filter cores: 3 Cores.
  • Electrode material: Platinum Plated Titanium (Platinum Titanium).
  • Technology: Electrolysis.
  • LED screen.
  • Origin: KYK – Korea.

>>> Product Link:  https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/may-tao-nuoc-hydrogen-kyk-hym-3

50GPD household RO water filter

  • Pump headen HF 365 – Taiwan.
  • Filter housing: 10 inches – Taiwan.
  • Filter element: PP-CTO-UDF-T33
  • 1 RO membrane 50GPD: Filmtec – USA.
  • 3.2 GL accumulator: 10 liters.
  • Filtration capacity: 8-10 liters/hour.
  • Ballast 24V – Taiwan.
  • UV11W lamp – Philip.

>>> Product Link:  https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/bo-loc-nuoc-ro-gia-dinh-50gpd

100 GPD household RO water filter

  • Pump headen HF 8005 – Taiwan.
  • Filter housing: 20 inches – Taiwan.
  • Filter element: PP-CTO-UDF-T33.
  • 1 RO membrane 100 GPD: Filmtec – USA.
  • Pressure tank 11 GL: 40 liters.
  • Filtration capacity: 30 liters/hour.
  • Ballast 36V – Taiwan.
  • UV16W lamp – Philip.

>>> Product Link: https://cleanwater.com.vn/san-pham/bo-loc-nuoc-ro-gia-dinh-100gpd

Above, Song Phung Environmental Company has just shared with you useful experiences when buying a home water purifier. Hope you will choose the right type of water purifier, home water filter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for assistance!

Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang

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