What is hydrogen water? Uses and precautions when using

Currently, hydrogen water is often mentioned with its uses for human health such as slowing down the aging process, helping muscles recover, and making the mind and body more alert. So are these facts about hydrogen water? Please follow the following article to understand the concept, benefits and notes when using alkaline ionized hydrogen water!

What is hydrogen water?

Before learning what hydrogen is, you need to understand the concept of “what is hydrogen water?”. Hydrogen water, also known as hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water,water (H2O)contains dissolved hydrogen (H2).

Hydrogen water is water obtained through some method of adding hydrogen gas to it. Similar to carbonated water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or oxygenated water containing dissolved oxygen (O2), hydrogen water contains hydrogen gas (H2) dissolve.

Hydrogen water usually has no color and odor, the pH of pure water is 7. Hydrogen water containing alkaline ions is usually 8 – 8.5, within the allowable threshold of 6.5 – 8.5 of the Ministry of Health, so Water is generally recommended to be used immediately after being poured because hydrogen is a very volatile gas. Hydrogen alkaline ionized water can still be boiled, as it has the same properties as normal filtered water.

Nước hydrogen là nước có chứa khí hydro hòa tan
Hydrogen water is water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas

The benefits of hydrogen water

Is hydrogen water good? What health benefits does it bring? With the strong antioxidant properties of hydrogen, many experts believe that alkaline hydrogen is a healthy water, when used to help remove excess acids and harmful agents in the body.

    • For a group of people who regularly exercise at high intensity such as athletes, exercisers, and high-intensity sports people, using hydrogen alkaline ionized water will be more beneficial because it helps balance the body’s pH.
    • Many patients with digestive problems such as: stomach, heartburn are also advised to use alkaline ionized hydrogen water to neutralize acidity and improve symptoms.
    • Hydrogen alkaline ionized water can neutralize aging agents, accelerate mineral absorption, and effectively rehydrate.
    • This type of water can also be used to clean food, take care of beauty thanks to its ability to quickly penetrate the skin.

According to a study by the Department of Medical Research at the cellular level published in 2009, the hydrogen in alkaline water helps slow down the aging process. In addition, Dr. Hayashi Hidemitsu – Director of the Japan Water Institute also affirmed: “Hydrogen-rich water has the ability to help improve diabetes, lung disease, gout, high blood pressure, and some diseases. caused by aging and oxidation in the body”. With the above benefits, alkaline hydrogen ionized water is widely used today.

Nước hydrogen mang đến nhiều lợi ích cho con người
Hydrogen water brings many benefits to humans

Notes when using hydrogen water

Once you know what hydrogen water is and its benefits, you also need to pay attention to some problems when using hydrogen.

Hydrogen water should be used immediately after pouring

Hydrogen are microscopic molecules found in water, so they are very volatile. Therefore, to get the most out of this water, it’s best to use it immediately after pouring and not wait more than 15 minutes. The longer the water is left out in the air, the worse the water quality will be.

Hydrogen water can still boil

Hydrogen water can be boiled, but when heated on high temperature, the hydrogen content will evaporate, at this time, alkaline ionized hydrogen water has the same characteristics as normal water. Therefore, you need to consider and pay attention to this.

Children can still use hydrogen water

Hydrogen alkaline ionized water can be used for babies, including children under 6 months old. However, for babies under 6 months old, before giving them to drink, you need to heat the water to 63oC to ensure that the water is not contaminated with bacteria during the pouring process. Therefore, hydrogen alkaline ionized water is suitable for all different objects.

Nước hydrogen phù hợp với mọi đối tượng khác nhau, kể cả trẻ em
Hydrogen water is suitable for all people, including children

Hydrogen water is safe for health

Currently, there are no recommendations to limit the use of alkaline hydrogen water. Therefore, you can use hydrogen alkaline ionized water like normal mineral water in your eating and living activities.

How much hydrogen water should I use per day?

Depending on the weight, height, age, and sex, the water needs of each individual are also different. However, according to recommendations, drinking 2 – 2.5 liters of water/day is the most appropriate amount of water to maintain health and ensure normal digestive system functions.

Is there a device that can be used to test the hydrogen concentration in water?

Is there a device that can be used to test the hydrogen concentration in water?

  • Measured with a TDS index meter electrode pen, Trustlex.
  • Measured by a test kit incorporating platinum-based catalysts Colloidal Platinum.
  • Instructional video for using TDS meter:

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Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang


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