What is pure water? The benefits, differences with mineral water

Pure water is water without impurities, viruses, bacteria, created by a specialized system to remove harmful impurities from input water such as groundwater, well water, tap water. Using pure drinking water every day brings many health benefits such as: good for kidneys, bones and joints, maintaining body weight, helping to digest food easily, etc. vary in origin, composition and manufacturing process. However, you should use pure drinking water because it provides both good minerals for the body and is suitable for family members.

What is pure water?

Purified water is water that is free of impurities, viruses and bacteria. To create pure drinking water, specialized filtration systems are used to remove impurities, disease risks and ensure safety for the health of consumers.

Nước uống tinh khiết là gì?
What is pure drinking water?

Benefits of pure drinking water

Water is an important element in the human body. The lungs are 90% water, the blood is more than 80% water, and the brain is 75%. Water controls temperature, helps eliminate toxins from the body, and is the main source of energy for every cell. There are many tips on drinking enough water but you need to pay attention to the purity of the water. Below are the benefits of drinking purified water that you can refer to.

Helps avoiding the risk of disease

Drinking pure water helps you avoid diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera – Cholera, etc. Moreover, pure drinking water also reduces the level of toxic substances entering the body, helping blood circulation, good for the immune system.

Helps digest food and absorb nutrients

In order to absorb nutrients from food, you need to drink pure water. At the same time, drinking pure water also helps in the digestion of food. The lack of water in the digestive system can lead to ulcers, indigestion.

Sử dụng nước uống tinh khiết giúp tiêu hóa thức ăn và hấp thụ dưỡng chất
Using pure drinking water to help digest food and absorb nutrients

Maintain body weight

Drinking water will reduce your appetite, preventing you from taking in too many excess calories. At the same time, drinking plenty of water also prevents water retention, making you look slimmer. The more purified water you drink, the more purified your body will be, eliminating toxins and fats. Otherwise, they will build up inside your body, causing you to gain weight and feel tired.

Good for bones and joints

Your joints need moisture to stay flexible, move smoothly, and be pain-free. Therefore, water is an element that the body needs to use to lubricate joints and ligaments. Moreover, drinking pure water every day also helps to boost natural metabolism.

Keeps skin healthy and rosy

Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin hydrated, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, drinking water also helps your skin stay young and soft. If you don’t drink enough purified water, your skin will become puffy.

Uống nước tinh khiết giúp làn da khỏe mạnh và hồng hào
Drinking pure water helps keep skin healthy and rosy

Enhance metabolism

Drinking purified water boosts your metabolism by up to 30%. So, you should drink 8 glasses of pure water every day to boost metabolism.

Good for the kidneys

The kidneys are one of the organs that help to remove toxins and wastes from the blood. Toxins can negatively affect the body so the kidneys need to function properly. If you don’t have a healthy diet, toxins can build up, affecting the functioning of your kidneys, liver, and nearby organs. One of the common diseases that people suffer from is kidney stones. To avoid this situation, you need to drink enough purified water.

The difference between mineral water and pure water

The source

Purified water is usually taken from tap water, well water, groundwater, etc. This source of water will go through a treatment system, including many stages, to remove impurities harmful to health and produce pure water

On the other hand, mineral water has a more complex origin. Simply put, mineral water is a natural source of water, permeating through many geological layers and accumulating many beneficial minerals from the ground. However, current natural groundwater sources are at high risk of being polluted due to natural disasters; Untreated garbage and wastewater are discharged directly into rivers and streams;…

Nguồn gốc của nước khoáng và nước tinh khiết
The origin of mineral water and purified water


What are the components of mineral water? Mineral water contains beneficial nutrients for the body such as: magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, etc. Mineral water is quite alkaline, so people with problems with blood pressure, kidneys or nerves need to consult. consult your doctor before use. Currently, mineral water is usually contained in plastic bottles on the market. According to many studies, plastic bottles are made from BPA and microplastic particles (microplastics) contaminated with water can cause health problems such as disorders in the reproductive organs, harm to the enamel of children’s teeth. small,…

Pure drinking water has been treated through complex processes to ensure that there are no residues, impurities, algae, microorganisms, etc. in the water. Currently, purified drinking water is produced using advanced reverse osmosis RO filtration technology. So you can use pure drinking water right at home.


To produce mineral water, people need geological exploration to find mineral water in the ground. This water source needs to be exploited and treated so as not to be contaminated with bacteria and impurities. After that, the mineral water is bottled and distributed in the market.

Currently, there are many brands labeled as “natural mineral water” on the bottle. According to some surveys, bottled water has the same origin as treated tap water and is sold at a high price. Therefore, before buying, you need to find out the origin, treatment technology and quality standards of bottled mineral water. This will help you avoid potential health risks.

Trước khi mua, bạn cần tìm hiểu nguồn gốc, công nghệ xử lý và tiêu chuẩn chất lượng của nước khoáng đóng chai
Before buying, you need to find out the origin, treatment technology and quality standards of bottled mineral water

To produce pure water, the input water will pass through a pre-filter to remove large impurities, turbidity and strange tastes. After that, this water source will be treated through an RO membrane to ensure safety and cleanliness. Finally, the water will pass through a functional filter system to add beneficial minerals and improve the taste of the water.

Quá trình sản xuất nước tinh khiết
Pure water production process

Should you drink mineral water or purified water?

Currently, on the market there are many types of drinking water, but mainly mineral water, purified drinking water. Therefore, people often wonder whether to choose pure drinking water or mineral water to use.

Most people often choose mineral water because they think this water is taken from the ground, accumulating minerals. Therefore, this type of water has many nutrients that are good for health. Meanwhile, purified water is distilled and undergoes many times of filtration, so there are no healthy nutrients.

In fact, mineral water does not have a high mineral content and is not suitable for everyone. This type of water is only suitable for people who are often active, causing the body to sweat and lose water. In addition, mineral water is not suitable for people with kidney-related diseases.

As for pure drinking water, after being taken directly from the water source and treated on the spot, it still retains the nutrients that are good for health. Moreover, purified water is suitable for everyone in the family.

It can be said that pure drinking water is the best choice when you need to replenish water for your body. However, you should choose to buy products from reputable brands, in big stores and supermarkets.

Refer to the quality, good price 50GPD household RO water filter

If you have a need to buy RO water purifier products, you can refer to the 50GPD household RO water filter of Song Phung Environmental Company. This is a product that many customers use and appreciate for its quality and effectiveness.

Product information:

  • Pump Headon HF 365 – Taiwan.
  • Filter housing: 10 inches – Taiwan.
  • Filter core: PP – CTO – UDF – T33.
  • 1 RO membrane 50GPD: Filmtec – USA.
  • 3.2 GL accumulator: 10 liters.
  • Filtration capacity: 8-10 liters/hour.
  • Ballast 24V – Taiwan.
  • UV11W lamp – Philippines.

The 50GPD RO water filter is designed to be compact and beautiful, used in schools, households, factories, etc. Moreover, the product has the ability to prevent bacteria by reverse osmosis method only allowing water to pass through. RO water filter includes 5 standard filtration levels:

  • Pre-filter: Made of fibrous polypropylene, cotton fiber core helps to completely remove scum, sand, soil, mud and other impurities in water larger than 10μm in size.
  • Granular activated carbon filter (UFD): Made from granular activated carbon that helps to remove chlorine, odors, organic compounds and other chemicals.
  • Compressed activated carbon filter (CTO): Made from compressed activated carbon, it helps to eliminate metal compounds, pesticides, odors, increase sweetness, make water, and remove some heavy metals.
  • RO membrane: Is an ultrafiltration membrane according to the principle of reverse osmosis, under the pressure of the pump > 50 psi, the membrane gap has a size of 0.001 micrometers (similar to the working mechanism of the human kidney) only for water to pass through, Helps prevent bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • Filter T33: Made from coconut shell charcoal to help create sweetness for the water after passing through the filter.
Bộ lọc nước RO gia đình 50GPD chất lượng được cung cấp bởi Công ty Môi trường Song Phụng
Quality of 50 GPD home RO water filter provided by Song Phung Environmental Company

Operation function of RO 50GPD filter:

  • Automatic water purification, stops when there is a lack of water.
  • Stop working when the water tank is full.
  • Automatic water discharge.

Above is the basic information about purified water, the difference with mineral water and should you drink mineral water or purified water. From there, you can make a reasonable and quality choice for your family. In addition, if you want to buy a genuine RO water filter, good price for your family, please contact Song Phung Environmental Company for quick support and advice!

Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang

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