Pressure Gauges are one of the typical types of equipment that appear frequently in our daily lives.  We, Song Phung, will introduce you to general information about pressure gauges. 

Đồng hồ đo áp suất
Đồng hồ đo áp suất.

What is a Pressure gauge?

Pressure gauge is a device that can measure liquid pressure, compressed air or gas to ensure no leaks or pressure changes can cause problems to the system performance. Normally used in certain industrial bases. Any deviation from the norms can seriously affect the operation of the system.

 Pressure gauges are used by industry professionals to troubleshoot problems in water treatment systems; designed to operate within a set pressure range. When gauges are properly installed, leaks and unexpected pressure changes are easily detected, which can be resolved immediately.

What is inside a Pressure gauge?

Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge - Inst Tools
What is the most popular pressure gauge today?

Housing: Made from materials such as copper steel, chromium-plated steel or 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel. The case is used to cover and protect the internal parts of the gauge .

– Dial: Made from tempered glass to prevent shattering in case of overpressure or damage from impact. There are also some gauge faces that are made of plastic. High standard pressure gauge will be impact resistant 4mm safety glass.

– Display face: Displays the part of the pressure parameter, also known as the measuring range. The dial is usually white, with prominent black letters for easy viewing.

– Pressure tube: This is the part where the substance to be measured must enter. The material for the reservoir tube and the base for the pressure gauge are usually the same.

– Pointer: Attached to the internal motor, helping to receive information, display measurement results.

– Movement: The key part to measure pressure and give data to the measuring needle to work.

– Socket: is a part designed in the type of threaded mounting, installed directly or indirectly into the pipeline through the cylinder.

Classification of pressure gauges

Metal pressure gauge

Pressure gauges 3 pointers take an electrical signal to interact with an external device. 3-pointers meter with black pointer shows the actual pressure value of the system; blue pointer needle shows high pressure threshold value, when the actual pressure exceeds this value, the contact opens, turning off the connected devices (pumps, air compressors,…); The red pointer needle shows the low pressure threshold value, when the actual pressure is lower than this value, the contact closes, starting the connected equipment (pump, air compressor, …).

Electronic pressure gauge

Instead of a meter screen with an index needle displaying the result, the electronic pressure gauge directly displays the measurement result as a number. This device has the advantage of being easy to use, showing accurate results.

Diaphragm pressure gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauge is a type of meter with a membrane that can prevent solids, lumpy substances, and high viscosity, making the pressure gauge safe. The meter is installed in the system to be measured. Pressure acts directly on the membrane, from the membrane acts on the fluid that transmits the force, acting on the pressure gauge. They are widely used in biochemistry and the food industry.

Radial Pressure Gauge 

The Standing Pressure Gauge has a connecter at the bottom, facing to the viewer. Normally, the gauge is installed on the pipes, where it is easy to have a full view. It is just like the other pressure measuring devices, the importance when talking about it is the temperature, the scales and the constituent materials. 

Axial Pressure Gauge

This is a common type since it can be connect from the back. This one is used to check for the inside pressure or high positions because outside the directional clock, it is also  easy to observe. The axial pressure gauge is divided into many types such as the rear foot clock at 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 6 o’clock with a positioning screw.

Song Phung, the place that provides the best pressure gauge today

Song Phung is currently distributing two types of pressure gauges most commonly used today, which are Axial pressure gauges (lying leg)-YN60ZT-2.5MPa and Radial pressure gauge(standing foot)-YN60Z-0.7MPa

Đồng hồ đo áp suất
Pressure gauges distributed by Song Phung.

Technical specifation 

– Diameter: 60mm

– Made of: SUS 304

– Accuracy: 2.5

Filling solution: Glycerin

Operating temperature: -10°-+70°, 85% relative humidity

– Orrigin: iGlobal-China

The application of that meter is pressure

Radial and Axial pressure gauges are commonly used to measure internal pressure, in many different industries. Currently, this is the most common and simple product line used to measure pressure in tanks, boilers, water tanks, petrol tanks, gas pipelines, vacuum or hydraulic pressure measurement.

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