Which brand of drinking water purifier should you choose?

Some popular drinking water purifiers on the market are: Vasstar, Karofi, Kangaroo, GPD, Korihome, etc. To choose the right water purifier, you need to note the following 4 criteria: demand, health needs, suitable living space and choose a reputable and quality buying address.

Benefits of using a drinking water purifier

    • Ensure pure and clean water for the family to use in daily life.
    • More cost-effective than buying bottled water to use.
    • Supplement beneficial ions, micro-minerals, essential nutrients, etc. into the body through water.

Some good quality drinking water purifiers on the market

RO drinking water filter for family 50GPD

Product details:

  • Pump Headon HF 365 – Taiwan.
  • Filter housing: 10 inches – Taiwan.
  • Filter core: PP – CTO – UDF – T33.
  • 1 RO membrane 50GPD Filmtec – USA.
  • 3.2 GL accumulator: 10 liters.
  • Filtration capacity: 8 to 10 liters/hour.
  • Ballast 24V – Taiwan.
  • UV11W lamp – Philippines.


50GPD household RO water filter provided by Song Phung Environmental Company, with components imported from Taiwan, RO membrane made in the US, compact and beautiful design, used for schools and households , factories, … Products filter bacteria by reverse osmosis method, for clean and pure water.

Bộ lọc nước uống RO gia đình 50GPD
50GPD household RO drinking water filter

RO water filter includes 5 standard filter cores as follows:

  • Pre-filter: Made of polypropylene fiber, cotton fiber core helps to completely remove soil, scum, sand, mud and impurities suspended in water larger than 10μm in size.
  • Granular activated carbon filter (UDF): Made from granular activated carbon, which has the effect of eliminating odors, chlorine, organic compounds and other chemicals.
  • Compressed activated carbon filter (CTO): Composed of compressed activated carbon, it helps to eliminate odors, metal compounds, pesticides, enhance sweetness and make water, increase the efficiency of removing some heavy metal.
  • RO membrane works according to the principle of reverse osmosis filtration, under the pump pressure > 50 psi, the gap is 0.01 micrometer in size to prevent impurities, viruses, bacteria,… out and only for water molecules. pass.
  • Filter T33: Made from coconut shell charcoal, capable of creating sweetness for water after passing through the filter.

Function of RO direct drinking water filter for family 50GPD:

  • Automatic water filtration.
  • Automatically stops when there is a lack of water.
  • Stop working when the water tank is full.
  • Automatic water discharge.

Vasstar direct hot and cold drinking water purifier

This is one of the most commonly used direct water purifier brands on the market. The product has a vertical cabinet design, 2-3 faucets with water modes to meet the needs of use (hot water at a temperature of 85 to 95oC, cold water from 8 to 10oC). Thanks to multi-layer thermal protection technology, the water purifier saves 30% of electricity. In addition, the product is cooled by durable Block technology, it only takes 20 to 25 minutes to have cold water to use. The monolithic SMAX RO filter is manufactured in the US, helping to remove up to 99.99% of pollutants in water. The system has 11 filters that kill bacteria by UV light, ensuring that the water is always clean and safe; The system automatically flushes the RO membrane to help increase the life of the machine during use.

Máy lọc nước trực tiếp nóng, lạnh Vasstar
Vasstar direct hot and cold water purifier

Kangaroo direct drinking water purifier

This is one of the best brands of direct drinking water purifiers on the market. The product not only removes harmful impurities, providing pure water, but also adds many beneficial minerals, ions, … to help balance the body’s pH. Kangaroo direct water purifier is manufactured according to American technology lines, so it is 5 times more durable than other devices. Moreover, the product is also equipped with an automatic operation mechanism, which helps to better protect the machine and save maximum electricity.

Karofi drinking water purifier

This is one of the reputable direct drinking water purifier brands in the household market. Components of the product are made in the US and Taiwan, but are assembled in Vietnam. Karofi direct drinking water purifier has the function of filtering all algae, dirt, harmful bacteria, bringing pure water up to 99%, protecting the health of consumers. In terms of price, the Karofi direct water purifier is not too different from the Kangaroo brand.

Sunhouse drinking water purifier

Sunhouse direct drinking water purifier uses Nano Silver advanced bactericidal technology into the system. So you can safely use it without worrying about the health of yourself and your family. Some outstanding strengths of Sunhouse direct drinking water purifier such as: automatically washing the RO membrane, stopping operation when the water pressure is not enough, adding Alkaline. It can be said that this is one of the best brands of direct drinking water purifiers that you should use.

Máy lọc nước uống trực tiếp Sunhouse
Sunhouse drinking water purifier

Toshiba drinking water purifier

Toshiba direct drinking water purifier is equipped with American RO filter core, Post Carbon and Pre filters made in Japan. The machine is assembled in China but according to Japanese production lines and technology. So you can be completely assured of the quality and durability of the machine. The product is designed simply and elegantly with special features such as:

  • UV LED lamps have 1000 times stronger light intensity per unit area, effectively disinfecting and saving up to 90% of electricity.
  • Touch control system LED displays the time to change PAC and RO cores, making it easy for users to monitor and replace new cores periodically.

Korihome drinking water purifier

Korihome direct drinking water purifier is integrated with hot and cold and uses smart technology, the filter system is imported from Korea. This is also one of the reputable and quality direct drinking water purifier brands on the market today.

The product has a sterile monolithic filter system, which helps to remove up to 99.99% of heavy metal residues, dirt, residual chlorine, carcinogenic factors, viruses, etc. dual filter duo 2 Sediment cores, 2 Pre-Carbon cores. RO membrane and functional core system behind powerful filters for pure water.

Smart microprocessors have the ability to automatically cut off power when leaking, notify filter replacement, input and output water quality, filter clogging warning or weak water supply, warn if the machine is operating. too long (over 5 hours), automatic RO membrane cleaning and smart keypad lock.

The drinking water filter products from the Korihome brand all have modern designs, European-style designs, elegant colors, contributing to the luxury of living space.

Máy lọc nước uống trực tiếp Korihome
Korihome direct drinking water purifier

Experiences choosing to buy a direct drinking water purifier for the family

Usage scale

If the family has from 1 to 6 members, you should buy a machine with a filtering capacity of about 15 liters / hour. If the family has more than 6 members, a purifier with a capacity of over 15 liters/hour will be the perfect choice to meet everyone’s needs.

Suitable for living space

Depending on the living area, you will have a suitable choice. Currently, direct drinking water purifiers have a variety of designs such as: built-in, desktop, standing cabinets, … for users to freely choose.

Health needs

If your family has elderly people, children, sick people and often uses water to make tea, coffee, milk, hot or warm water to take medicine, etc., you should buy a direct water purifier with hot and cold faucets for all living. operation is more convenient.

Cần mua máy lọc nước trực tiếp đáp ứng nhu cầu về sức khỏe
Need to buy a water purifier directly to meet health needs

Choose a reputable address, good warranty policy

Currently, there are many stores and retail locations of water purifiers on the market. Therefore, you need to carefully study the place of sale and the warranty policies to avoid buying poor quality products.

Above is information about some quality and reputable direct drinking water purifiers in the market and product buying experience. If you have a need to buy a direct water purifier at a good price, please contact Song Phung Environmental Company immediately for quick support and advice!

Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang

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