The process of regenerating water softeners by salt

Learn about reconstituted salt in water softeners

We already know that the resin particles are particles cationic softeners, capable of regeneration. So how to regenerate cationic particles? You let us SongPhung Company, find out!

1. What is Recycle Regeneration?

Regeneration ion exchange resin particles is very necessary, which is the process of removing positive ions from the surface of the filter material, helping the filter material return to its almost original ion exchange state. Regeneration is the technical term to refer to the regeneration of a cationic particle back to its original state. With special Cationic resin for water treatment, the regeneration will be done with pure salt.

2. The effect of regenerated salt water softening systems.

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Regeneration by form of tablets salt

– Protect all appliances such as energy equipment, water heater, .. household electric and water equipment.

– Application in high capacity purified water systems.

– Industrial applications such as boilers, laundry.

– Water softeners in cooling systems.

– For medical water softeners: Increase the conductivity of water in biochemical machines.

3. Why use salt for regenerating of ion exchange resins?

In the process of using the softened upstream water filtration system, water will pass through the water softening filter tank. Here, the ion exchange process occurs by Cation particles (particles containing positively charged ions). These particles will absorb Ca2 + and Mg2 +, making the output water clean, without heavy metals. For a long time working, Cation particles absorbing a lot of heavy metals will be in overload and the ability to absorb Ca2 + and Mg2 + ions decreases, so we have to perform the process of regeneration of salt for Cation particles.

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Cationic resin regeneration process

Reconstituted salt is an essential ingredient in water softeners. The salt used here is pure salt, in the form of tablets.

4. Application of salt in water purification material.

– Use reconstituted salt to regenerated the water softener.

– Use in bottled water purifiers to make fresh water, avoid burning.

– Application of pure salt is used to regenerate Cationic resins in water softening systems, to regenerate anions in water alkaline systems and in a number of other industrial applications.

See more how to calculate water softener and salt regeneration by utility:

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