What Are Bag Water Filters? What is its application?

Bag filtration is a versatile and cost-effective way of filtering high volumes of water with high flow rates. Bag water filters are ideal for industrial applications, brewing, prefiltering, and more. These high-capacity systems can handle 90 – 2,400 gallons of water per minute. They’re great for reducing the amount of silt, sand, dirt and other types of sediment in your water. This month we launched a new range of products – single bag filter housings, multi-bag filter housings, and replacement filter bags – so let’s look at bag water filter treatment in more detail.

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What is bag water filter treatment?

Bag water filter treatment is when one or more bag filters are placed inside a bag filter housing to remove suspended solids from water. Specific bag filters vary depending on the industry in which they are used. This filtration method is both versatile and cost-effective for filtering lots of water quickly. They’re great for reducing the amount of silt, sand, dirt and other types of sediment in your water.

Bag water filter treatment is an efficient method to reduce particles in large volumes of water at a high flow rate. Other filtration methods are not as cost-effective for such high volumes of water. Bag water filters are a great option for industrial applications, brewing, pre-filtering, and more.

Bag filters remove everything from sediment to other solids to some forms of liquid from the water in both commercial use and industrial applications. With their superior holding capacity, high flow rate, and easy replacement, bag filter systems are among the top choices for water filtration. Just as the name says, a bag filter is a bag of filtration material in a filter housing. Both efficient and reliable bag filtration systems have low maintenance needs.

Bag filter systems operate on a simple principle. A tight seal is created between the bag filter and housing, leaving no room for the filtered-out contaminants or unfiltered water to escape. Filtered water can pass through while everything else is left in the filter bag. Made with unique materials, each bag is constructed for strength and does not allow any pollutants or any other harmful particles to pass.

Think of bag water filter treatment as a way to remove the big stuff in a large volume, high flow rate of water – it’s not specialist filtration.


Benefits of bag water filter treatment

There are a few, significant benefits of bag water filter treatment. These include:

  • Filter large volumes of water with high flow rates – easily filter 90 – 2,400 gallons per minute (filter and housing dependent)
  • Bag filters have a high dirt-holding capacity – change bag filters far less often than cartridge filters
  • Withstand exposure to a wide range of conditions
  • Bag filters are easy to install and replace
  • One of the most cost-effective ways to treat high volumes of water – cartridge filtration can’t compete on these volumes of water for the price


Disadvantages of bag water filter treatment

Most significantly, bag water filter treatment does not remove fine particles, bacteria, or chemicals. (If small particles, bacteria, or chemicals are not an issue in your water, then disregard this point). Cartridge or membrane filtration provides more precise results including the ability to remove fine particles, bacteria, or chemicals. Cartridges and membranes are at a greater expense though, so it’s important to weigh what the end goal is with budget. When bag filtration is applied correctly, it is possible to achieve a more efficient and cost effective performance than cartridges and membranes. Please contact us to learn more about our Premiere industrial water filter bags.

What applications is bag water filter treatment for?

Bag water filter treatment is ideal for commercial, industrial, and municipal filtration applications that require a cost-effective way to filter large volumes of water at a high flow rate. Such applications include:

  • Agriculture
  • Pre-filtration
  • Brewing
  • Non-critical cleaning of a final product
  • Removal of coarse particles which could potentially damage your equipment
  • Removal of challenging pollutants from a liquid stream
  • Groundwater
  • Cooling water
  • Industrial process water
  • Wastewater

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